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If we are to have more inclusive and sustainable futures, more brains should be involved in decision-making.

By including information and humans from non-European/US origin, we are slowly decolonizing an industry that is in dire need of truly diverse perspectives. 

This is an invitation to read, listen, learn, share and connect with different cultures, ways of thinking, and making a positive impact.

an open online platform for womxn and non-binary folks in foresight, strategy and innovation.

Navigate the Resources 

A curated set of must-know resources to learn the basics of trend forecasting.


A forever-growing database of global websites, blogs, podcasts, newsletters, etc., for go-to sources during research phase.



Trend forecasting companies from across the globe.


A network of female and non-binary strategists and forecasters actively working in this field. Meet people :)


Established / pioneering global female and non-binary forecasters and strategists.

Trend forecasting courses people from our community have done.



Global networks related to futures, strategy, equality and sustainability.


Global events to further your knowledge and network of futures.

Future Resources Repository

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FR Curated Guides

We're giving you a shortcut to navigate the vast Future Resources platform. More Curated Guides to be launched soon!

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​Information about forecasting is limited and scarce. While there are good programs out there, I found that meeting other strategists and working together has taught me much more than any book ever could. This is why I decided to organize and provide people with some resources: I believe that only by sharing and democratizing access to information we will achieve a more diverse set of professionals and, hopefully, more inclusive and sustainable futures.

​Future Resources is an independent initiative of foresight strategist and cultural researcher Lydia Caldana.

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